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What happened on the way to prison

St Pancras Rail Station London

St Pancras rail station, London

Sat drinking my Earl Grey tea at the train station on my way to a London prison, I was approached by a young man. He was dressed in grey jogging bottoms, a hooded jacket and a union Jack bobble hat, carrying a small bag and a small blanket tied to the straps.

He asked me for any loose change and I asked him what he needed it for. In a hushed voice he said it was for a bed for tonight yet it was only 11:15 am. He explained the hostel would cost £12 for 5 nights. I asked him if they provided food he said yes. I apologised for not having any change with me but said I hoped he would manage to get the money together and told him to take care.

There are many like this young man; you could see the hopelessness in his eyes and his manner.

We live in such a rich country yet there are so many who struggle financially for various reasons.

It wasn’t really the poverty of that young man that struck me, but the way other people in their fine clothes completely ignored him.

Even if we are not in a position to help we can still show kindness. We are all capable of prejudices, even when we don’t see the full picture. I think we need to stop living our lives with our heads in the sand!

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