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The Criminal Justice Blog is for policy makers, practitioners, academics and everyone interested in the criminal justice system in England and Wales.

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  1. Mary Young says:

    I speak from experience. People who intimidate and bully are scared of the truth. My daughter blew the whistle whilst working for the NHS. She told the truth and paid the price. She left after 17 years of nursing. The experience nearly robbed her of her sanity but thank God she is happy now. As bad as it was at the time, her conscience would not allow her to ignore wrong doing. After all, what have we left in the end but our conscience and our good name. Time is a healer, but I can well imagine the trauma you feel. The only way forward is to surround yourself with good and trusted friends.
    Warm wishes, Mary

  2. Trevor Simpson says:

    Hi Faith, I’ve just read the article on the BBC news site and posted it to my Facebook group. I just wanted to thank you and praise you for your integrity and courage in the face of such circumstances. I wish you the best of luck and success in what you are trying to do for all of us.

    Thank you


  3. Clare Turner says:

    Offering support for your brave stance and long term efforts. May you be fully successful in fundamental reform to the benefit of those in need.

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